Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why I Hate GEO today

The GEO group just released its 3rd-quarter stock results. They earned nearly $20 million in profit over the past 4 months (profit from taxpayer dollars, mind you). It just blows my mind to try to think of ANY reason a private company should be able to profit off taxpayer dollars at all, let alone to this extent. Maybe if we didn't divert tens of millions of tax dollars to the pockets of the scumbags who run private prison companies and other government-funded ventures, we wouldn't be in such economic distress. But no, it's those damn tax-and-spend liberals who cause all the problems in America, right?

PS - I haven't seen CCA's earnings but they usually come close to doubling what GEO makes, so that's about $60 million of taxpayer dollars going to these companies as profit.

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