Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Details on an Assault at Idaho Correctional Center

One of the inmates named in a lawsuit by the ACLU against CCA for its failure to safely operate the Idaho Correctional Center is now suing the state for $25 million dollars.  The prison is so violent it is known as "Gladiator School;" inmates are routinely subjected to violence even while guards watch.  This particular inmate was beaten by inmates in retaliation for refusing to participate in a drug distribution organization.  His head was repeatedly slammed into a concrete wall by another inmate, who then stomped on his head nearly 2 dozen times, stopped to take a drink of water, then resumed beating him, all while the guards watched!  The ACLU's lawsuit seeks $155 million in damages, which is how much the company made in profit last year, and this lawsuit could end up costing the state of Idaho another $25 million.  You get what you pay for, Idaho.

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