Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CCA Tries to Suppress Info on Sexual Assaults

This story is almost too ridiculous.  A CCA shareholder introduced a resolution to the company that would require it to disclose information on sexual assaults that take place inside their facilities, and the company's efforts to combat sexual abuse within its prisons and jails.  The resolution would bring a measure of accountability to the largest company in an industry that, despite performing an inherently governmental function, is not required to disclose information to the general public in the same way a government agency must.

Now, CCA has had some trouble dealing with sexual assaults in its facilities in the past; female prisoners from Hawaii were removed from not one, but two separate CCA facilities (in Kentucky and Colorado) after routinely being victimized by staff.  Other women have been sexually abused in CCA facilities in New Mexico, Florida, The District of Columbia, and Texas.  And those are just the sexual assaults that have been reported within the past 3 or so years.

Maybe that's why CCA objected to the resolution calling on them to disclose information about sexual assaults; there's a good chance that, if more information on the sexual victimization of people they are charged with protecting comes to light, it could hurt the company's chances to secure future contracts, or cut into their bottom line if they're fined for non-compliance with existing contracts.  Thankfully, though. the SEC saw through their BS (they called the resolution a "personal grievance" of the shareholder - apparently wanting to reduce sexual assaults is a personal grievance), and rejected CCA's objection to the proposal, which was supported by numerous advocacy and policy groups.  Now, the resolution will come before all shareholders at the next annual meeting, where it will be put to a vote. 


  1. In addition to the link you provided regarding the Florida sexual allegations, there is a lawsuit against a psychiatrist at Hernando County Jail alleging that four women were sexually assaulted by him on the facility grounds, in a windowless closet. Here's a link to that story:


  2. The Elected Officials of SWR still don't get it. They still believe they can contract with CCA and have an agreement like no other before them. The sad thing for our town is that together they don't even come close to being" INTELLIGENT". So you can just imagine how" DUMB" each is on an individual basis.

  3. The ONLY thing that CCA and their kind truly care about is PROFIT. What you see in CCA and the like is pure capitalism in action. THIS is the free-market in unfettered action...pure evil.

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