Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Hypocritical Jerk (Why I Hate Charles Overby Today)

Charles Overby, renown journalist and newspaper executive and CEO of the Freedom Forum, a group which espouses freedom of the press, also sits on the board of directors for CCA. Why is this bad? CCA lobbied heavily against a bill in the last Congress that would have required private prison operators to be subject to public records / FOIA requests (Introduced by Tim Holden, D-PA, it was called the Private Prison Information Act, if you want to look it up). In fact, CCA spent more than half a million dollars lobbying against the reintroduced (by Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-MO) bill in a little over 5 months. Way to promote free speech, CEO of the FRIGGING FREEDOM FORUM! I hate you, Charles Overby

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