Friday, May 28, 2010

Why Frank Smith and I Hate Corplan Corrections

James Parkey is the director of Corplan Corrections, a shadowy firm that builds private prisons on speculation that they'll be awarded contracts to house prisoners, then after construction runs out of town, fleecing desperate small communities across America. Jails they have built sit empty sometimes for years after construction, and counties often end up defaulting on the bonds they issued to build the facility, while Corplan makes out like bandits. Numerous facilities built by Corplan remain unfilled across the country, costing small towns literally hundreds of millions of dollars as they often wind up selling these buildings for pennies on the dollar of what they were built for, after years of sitting dormant.

The title link is to an awesome Letter to the Editor by a guy named Frank Smith, who details much of the long, sordid history of Corplan Corrections and the unfortunate towns that were scammed by James Parkey and his cronies.

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