Monday, August 30, 2010

High Rate of Sexual Assaults, No Explanation

Prisoners being held in the CCA-run Davidson County Jail are sexually assaulted at rates higher than the national average.  CCA can't explain or figure out why, and their spokesman Steve Owens summarily dismisses the information, saying that it can't be compared to rates of sexual assault that have been determined in other facilities, without explaining why.  He just says people shouldn't compare the rates of rape at this prison to the rates found in the report of the Prison Rape Elimination Commission, never offering any justification for why this facility is different.  But the Davidson County Criminal Justice Center, which is run by the Sheriff's department, had lower-than-average rates of sexual assault.  So the question isn't whether the comparison between the rates of sexual assault at CCA facilities and the national average is valid, which it is, but rather; why is CCA incapable of operating this facility in a manner that doesn't subject its prisoners to an unnecessarily high risk of being sexually assaulted or raped?

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