Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I Hate Wackenhut/GEO Group Today

The GEO Group is a spin-off company from the former Wackenhut group. Wackenhut split about a decade ago into a security services division and a corrections division (The GEO Group). George Wackenhut used to be an FBI agent and became famous as one of the early purveyors of secret dossiers on American citizens during the Red Scare. Wackenhut's security division provides sub-standard security services for government buildings, metro systems, and the like. The GEO Group is, as I maybe mentioned once or twice on here, an abusive, negligent, despicable organization that profits from the incarceration and suffering of human beings.

Which makes me all the more angry to read the story in this link. The Wackenhut estate is up for sale in Florida. Its price has been cut in half, to nearly 20 million dollars. 20 EFFING MILLION. That means the estate used to be valued at $40 million. A $40 million home, one of multiple homes the family owned, for a guy who is arguably one of the biggest aholes to ever grace this planet. Lord I really completely hate the GEO Group and the conservative, anti-American (yeah, I said it. Collecting secret dossiers on citizens, then running your own private security and incarceration business is anti-American.) jerk who founded it.


  1. Quit being a fucking hater

  2. America better be glad we lock these people up...

    1. Not all those people u talk about are bad people most of those people have families and eventhough the government don't want to realize it those people also pay their taxes... But maybe the government is just using all this people to make money... its call slavery.....

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