Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Errors, Oversights, and Omissions, Oh My!

I'll keep it brief today. A group called Policy Matters Ohio just released a report documenting years of poor reporting by private prison companies in Ohio which have impaired the state's ability to determine if private prisons actually save any money. This report is especially significant because of the governor's plan to privatize more of the state system after hiring a former CCA employee as his director of the DOC, and the state's requirement that private prisons save at least 5% in operating costs.

Reports from the industry are “riddled with errors, oversights and omissions of significant data,” making it impossible to determine what, if any, cost savings are achieved through privatization.

Private prisons are not required to provide information to the public on their operations or expenditures. It looks like the government of Ohio hasn't really cared about finding out such information either.

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