Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Revolving Door (Turn, Turn, Turn)

Two interesting bits of news today on the perpetual revolving door that is the private prison industry. The title link goes to a piece from Tennessee, where a lobbyist and former CCA employee, Leslie Hafner, was just selected to be the Governor's new director of legislation. This is a good position for a former CCA employee to be in, what with CCA having their headquarters in Nashville and all.

Then there's this story from Montana, where CCA has siphoned off a state prison warden to come to the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby. And in one of the richer bits of irony I've seen in a while, Mr. Mahoney (the new CCA employee) had this to say of a riot that occurred on his watch at the state prison in '91: "When you don’t have the proper numbers, you end up running the staff you do have extra hard,” he said. “That’s never a good idea in a correctional environment."

Well Mr. Mahoney, get ready to run your new staff "extra hard."

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