Thursday, December 1, 2011

CCA Guard Gets Second Drug Charge

As I've mentioned previously, private prisons seem to have trouble recruiting and retaining high-quality staff.  It probably has something to do with the fact that they cut corners on screening, don't hire unionized COs, and pay like Ebeneezer Scrooge.  Anyhoo, a CCA guard from New Mexico has just received not his first, but his second charge of being in possession of an illegal substance.  After formerly being charged with marijuana possession, this young man stepped his game up and was just caught smoking heroin.

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  1. Mike as you probably know this is a wide spread problem. One CCA warden hired a former inmate convicted of murder to manage a womens facility. Of course this former inmate was brought up on numerous charges of sexual assault. A female officer handed an inmate a pair of wire cutters who cut a hole in the rec fence and 6 convicted murderers escaped from Youngstown Ohio. The mayor nor the gov realized that CCA had many inmates from Washington DC housed their, and the inmates were allowed to wear street clothing which also helped aid in their exscape. A co-worker of mine was hired as a chief of secuirty there. It took the prison officials 4hrs before they realize the inmates were gone! CCA failed to contact Law enforcement for 6hrs. The mayor stated CCA was the most deceitful company he had ever encountered. The gov later closed the prison. When you pay the wages CCA pays, and cut corners such as background checks and work history its no wonder they get a poor quality of employees, as well as high turn-over, and low retention. It is also no wonder they have escapes, high level of assaults, and many lawsuits from employees as well as inmates! If anyone has questions and would like to learn more about the issues with private prisons contact my email JoeR My book will be out in about 4months...