Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First of a few older articles

So this blog arose out of a string of emails I would send describing why I hated a particular private prison company on a given day. I am going to post some of the more ridiculous things I came across in those emails, here. So these articles are a bit older, but definitely help explain the reasons I hate private prisons.

For today's article, we have a really good in-depth report on how the GEO group uses tons of money to lobby the Texas legislature to have them essentially ignore the egregious vioaltions of human rights going on in their facility. They then propose building new prisons, which of course would be run at the highest standards like all other GEO facilities, and have high-priced lobbyists with connections in high places work towards securing them more contracts. I highly suggest reading this to get a good idea of how these private companies still push their political agenda even though the atrocities that take place in their facilities are well-documented.

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