Friday, August 28, 2009

They try so hard to be secretive

Back to current events...

CCA has been arguing back and forth with county commissioners in Hernando County, FL for a few months now. The county withheld more than $400,000 in fees due to a discrepancy over the payment formula in the current contract. That contract is now up for renegotiation, with the county requesting that CCA wave the schedule 4% increase in fees scheduled for the next fiscal year so they can save more than $500,000 (as they try to balance their budget). CCA has pushed hard for the negotiations to take place in private (even meeting privately with a few commissioners individually), but (most of) the county commissioners, citing a statute known as the "Sunshine Law" are arguing that the negotiations should take place in a public forum. Bravo, Hernando County Commissioners. Even if you're going to continue to contract with them, I hope you are successful in making the negotiations public.

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