Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MS May Soon House Death Row Prisoners in Private Prisons

Another quick link here.  Mississippi's legislature has advanced a bill to the governor that would permit the state to house death row prisoners in a private prison facility.  To my knowledge, no other state in the country does this; private prisons house primarily low to medium-security level offenders, and very rarely house even high security people, let alone death row.  The DOC apparently approves the measure, despite the fact that the state was just ordered to remove all its juveniles from private prisons due to the obscene amounts of abuse the kids suffered.  I guess they just don't care about the guys on death row.  A spokeswoman for the department claimed they could also save money by sending death row prisoners to a private facility, but *SHOCKER* - she couldn't actually back that up with any evidence.  Possibly because there is no evidence that private prisons save any money.  Possibly.

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