Monday, March 26, 2012

New Lawsuit from Gladiator School

Another prisoner from the Idaho Correctional Center has filed a lawsuit against CCA over the abhorrent levels of violence the facility just can't seem to control.  Jacob Clevenger, who was beaten senseless inside the prison in August 2010, claims CCA "has allowed and even fostered systemic conditions of brutality, peril, and injuriousness at the ICC."  This is the same prison that was sued by the ACLU over violence so severe and persistent that the facility was called "gladiator school" by the residents.  That lawsuit settled out of court, but the settlement did not preclude prisoners from filing individual cases against CCA.  Clevenger claims in his suit that CCA officials knowingly put him at risk by housing him with known gang members; shortly thereafter he was assaulted, resulting in a broken tooth, fractured eye socket, and partially torn ear.  I'll go so far as to say that when someone's injuries sound like the aftermath of a fight with Mike Tyson, the violence is pretty severe.

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