Friday, October 2, 2009

APF's leader, and entire company, is a FRAUD

Montana's AG has launched an investigation into the leader of APF, Michael Hilton, who is a convicted felon with a history of fraud that uses at least 17 known aliases. He has requested proof that the company works with the federal government and evidence to support the claim that they "have operations in all 50 states." He is also seeking the contract between APF and the agency responsible for the jail, a contract that would give APF millions of dollars to run the jail for more than ten years.

Oh, and Mr. Hilton goes by the title "Captain" even though no record of his military service could be found and he even admits it doesn't refer to an actual rank. And he has more than a million bucks in outstanding civil judgments against him. Certainly a stand-up guy that is more than qualified to have control over other human lives.

I've heard rumblings from comments on the Huff Post and elsewhere that APF is somehow tied to Xe (the new name for Blackwater). It wouldn't surprise me in the least, knowing the kind of shady criminal ole Dick is.

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  1. Mike have you come across the names Bobby Crants, Michael Devlin, Pharos Funds, Joseph F Johnson, Kneeland Youngblood, Roy Booth and Doc Crants in your research on Hilton. I believe there may be a connection.

    Pharos is Dallas based. This all sounds so familiar with their patterns of fraud. CCA, Homeland Security corporation, ConnectGov, STOP, etc... Dig deeper