Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why I hate Aramark today

Aramark, the food service provider for the state of Kentucky is literally starving the inmates it serves. The approval rating for their food service at one prison (Northpoint CC) was a 2.6 out of a possible 10. The prisoners rioted at this facility back in August and told multiple sources they did so because the food was inadequate and not very clean. Aramark of course denies this and just claims the prisoners have ulterior motives for trashing their company. That's right Aramark; prisoners in Kentucky are just out to get you. Or could it simply be, as one prisoner put it "(They) would not like to be hungry ALL THE TIME" (emphasis added).


  1. Anonymous18 May, 2010

    ARAMARK is driven by the financial bottom line. Although they give lip service to the ethical & morally acceptable plan at hand; they have their own agenda and do whatever they feel necessary to protect their own interests. They claim to value their employees, yet their actions speak differently. ARAMARK demonstrates the need to blame someone for everything that happens; leaving themselves above reproach. As an employee, if you've identified a real time problem, the company gives lip service to you so you believe they understand the problem & sincerely desire to take the necessary corrective action. However, unless you are one of their "fair haired" employees and in their inner circle of "favored" employees, who don't open their mouth & say something when a wrong is happening, you will be hung out to dry. If you're a company employee you are required to act the company way or you will be terminated despite you having first hand knowledge of wrong-doing...all the while the company is spouting the company speech that you did nothing wrong, your performance was excellent. However as everyone in the inner circle knows, you'll still be hung-out to dry. Although this corporate behavior is immoral & unethical, it's completely legal since in many cases you can be terminated at will. The employee hotline for serious problem reporting & resolution is a joke. It's simply in place to make the company look good.
    If the company did the morally right thing or ethically correct even when people weren't looking; they'd be a company of significant integity. Instead ARAMARK is earning a reputation for integrity violations. If they don't treat their own employees properly, you shouldn't be surprised to hear of problems with customers.

    1. I have never agreed more. I have worked here for almost 5 years and because I missed a day of work when my daughter was sick for a week and a half they are changing my schedule to hours I can't work to shove me out the door,even though people that just started this year have missed more work than me

  2. Most unethical company I have ever seen. Theives in my opinion. Steal hours from empoyees, steal food out of mouths of prisoners and hospital patients.

  3. The Hotline is literally a joke. The Executive Chef I worked with bragged about how many times people called the hotline on him. I knew about many calls made, I never heard about anything being done other than the outside company that runs the hotline reporting to Aramark that someone called. It is all about the bottom line. The Business Development Team from Aramark will come in and say how wonderful they can manage your food service...Get the account...throw money and personel at the account for the first 6 months...oops! The Business Development got the numbers wrong for the cost of this account, but now Aramark is there, they have the account, time to reassess the budget and let go of half of the people hired 6 months ago. How? Aramark doesn't want to pay life gets very hard for those employees and they just start walking off shift they are so frustrated - no unemployment for them. This is what they do to the employees to save money, imagine what they do to save money on the food... I was in management and this is a true account.

  4. I was a manager for Aramark for 7 months I managed a team of 10 Employees on the custodial side of the accounts. complaints were brought to my attention regarding off the clock work needing to be done I also witnessed these violations being done. when I asked my employees why they are working off the clock in every case they said if they did not finish there schedules retaliation was brought against them by my manager. treats of job loss & false documentation. when I brought these issue up to my direct manager 7 days later I was fired with his managers help and HR to back them up. so yes this abuse seems to be very tolerated in this company and they drape themselves in a cloke of strict policy adherence but when you bring something to upper management your seen as not playing nice in there sand box and as a result they compile a list they have been creating on you since you started working for them ( because did you think you were just going to come into there house and see all the dirt and them not have something on you even if it is false in there emails they like to use words like REMEMBER this and REMEMBER that because it is a very ambiguous why to say you see this is the reason why this employee was let go we had to remind her to many times of the same thing. but what if your emails can prove that indeed you were on your game and your manager was very incompetent what do you think will happen then? they fire you claiming your conduct was not professional. but I guess violation of employee rights is LMAO...what a joke...

  5. All of this is true, I am a current employee and I have seen some VERY unethical business practices take place. If you are considering working for this your sanity and RUN in the opposite direction.

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  12. Anonymous22 May, 2013

    I work for Aramark in a school cafeteria. The company states that we have to food away from children who do not have lunch money. We are to give them a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk, a piece of toast and a carton of milk for breakfast. This area of the school district is very poor and many of the families do not qualify for free lunch because their families make too money for free lunch but cannot even pay their bills. whenever possible, I allow the kids to get a regular lunch because it breaks my heart to see them go hungry. The kicker-I could get fired for feeding these hungry kids.

  13. Anonymous25 May, 2013

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  17. Aramark hates their customers as well.

  18. I've worked for Aramark in several states. Most places the management would listen and work with u and in other places they don't give craps about you. Were i work at know there's some serious problems. The management team are non social with eachother,let alone there's a manager here that she is so disrespectful to the elders that have been there way before aramark came to the university. Her boss and DM knows that she is rude, disrespectful and a liar. Employees here don't get along with her.,she has people taking pictures,people planting things just to accuse them of knot doing there jobs so she can get them fired. These managers no whats going on and they refuse to correct it. Aramark allow these managers to abuse employees. They say that they will correct it but they don't,they expect the employees ti just deal with the abuse. Faculty members and students try to get aramark to correct the situation and aramark refuse too. Certain university have started forming unions against aramark because they refuse to make change.. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS

  19. I was never an employee of Aramark, but I was a guest at Mayo C.I. in Florida 2002-2004. You the public never heard of inmates getting food poisoning. Aramark staff caught an inmate worker that was going to dump some spoiled meat in the trash. This meat was suppose to be for Mayo C.I. employee's. The Aramark worker stopped the inmate (threating she would have him placed in confinement) and had the bad meat mixed with the inmate population food. Over a hundred inmates were at medical with food poisoning the next day, I was one of them. To this day I will never knowingly eat at any establishment associated with Aramark and encourage the public to get this company out of schools across the country. If you don't believe this story do some research. Talk to other inmate that were at Mayo C.I. during this period if you don't think it's true.

  20. Anonymous23 July, 2014

    I would not somehow blame the company Aramark but it's the people that are employed by the company. Especially managers at the lower levels who does nothing for their employees. Also with its corporate offices in Pennsylvania, seems to me that this company would be a little bit more accessible to its employees in other states. Aramark always lets their good managers go and leave the ones that are bad and are only concerned with keeping their budgets down at the expense of cutting employees hours when they hire new people. They don't care about training old employees in all facets of the business only about earning their own bonuses.

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  23. Is it just the Aramark in S.C.or is this happening elsewhere? We have something called Spot awards for going above and beyond, you were able to get a $25 gift card for places like Red Robin, Starbuck'e etc. Now they have made so all you can get gadgets like head scratchers. I for one could really use the gift of food, I can scratch my own head. Now they have taken away the Thanksgiving turkeys. A lot of families can use a little help around the holidays. There's no incentive to do a little extra. All of these cuts just tell me that someone higher up is getting a great Christmas bonus. Shame, shame.

  24. I work for Aramark at a dining hall on my college campus. I have only been here for about a month and I already have fallen victim to and witnessed abuse of employees in many ways. I have been underemployed from the beginning. I never got an interview before I was hired and they had no idea about my three years experience as a banquet server. I have been put in the dish room, which I have no issue with, but I never received any training or even as much as a tour of the kitchen/dish room/storage areas. I have gotten yelled at for being slower at my job during my first shift, I have been heavily reprimanded for calling out sick (stomach bug, bronchitis, etc. It's a college campus, I'm gonna get sick.) I never thought I would get yelled at and told to come into work in food service sick. Every plate I touch could make someone sick. The stress and frustration management has put me through is too much for words, but my moral of the story is this: Avoid working for Aramark at all costs. They are bat shit crazy and will chew you up and spit you right out.