Monday, March 29, 2010

Sneaky, Subversive Tactics

JD Alexander's last-minute amendment to privatize more beds in Florida has already been met with some harsh criticism, and rightfully so.  The accounting Mr. Alexander used to calculate the potential savings is questionable, as analysts have said the state could only save less than half of what Mr. Alexander claims, and even that hinges on the new Blackwater prison (which itself was forced through on a last-minute budget amendment that resulted in its sponsor stepping down in disgrace) operating at full capacity (most private facilities operate sligthly under capacity because they get paid the same amount regardless) - otherwise they state will save even less.  He also seriously undercut the projected job loss among state employees by more than 50%, as part of the amendment calls for privatizing an existing facility that will bring the total loss of state jobs to nearly 1,400.  Mr. Alexander's amendment is a blatant, unethical handout to the GEO Group that should immediately be nullified by the legislature.

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