Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Way More on JD Alexander's Gift to GEO

First (title link): An article quoting Walt McNeill, Secretary of Corrections for the state of Florida, saying that Alexander's estimate of savings is misguided.  Alexander claims it costs the state $65 to house a prisoner for a day; McNeill says it only costs $48 (so the state would only save $7/prisoner/day, not the $24 Alexander claims, and that's only if the new prison is filled to capacity)

Next: Laying off the amount of correctional officers Alexander has proposed would force the state to release more than 2,500 prisoners early due to a court order preventing overcrowding:

Next: folks in Sneads, Florida are protesting Alexander's sneaky amendment because it will cost the town $59 million dollars.  For a town like Sneads, that's a heck of a lot of moolah:

And finally: Even Governor Charlie Crist thinks JD Alexander's idea is terrible: