Monday, June 14, 2010

Spreading the Love

The former warden and assistant warden at the Idaho Correctional Facility, the prison being sued by the ACLU because it’s so violent it is called “gladiator school” by the inmates, have already been moved to assistant warden positions at two other CCA facilities (both of which contract with federal agencies), so they can spread the love and good cheer they fostered in Idaho, elsewhere.  What's even better: according to the contracts CCA has with the US Marshalls' Service and the Office of Federal Detention (the two agencies contracting with the facilities these guys were moved to), the government can't even prevent CCA from doing this, as long as the wardens pass a background check.  This is why contracts private prison companies sign with governments should be made available to the general public, because clauses like that unduly handicap our government, making it incapable of ensuring the safety of prisoners housed in private prisons.

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