Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stay Classy, CCA

CCA has admitted that their guards watched as a prisoner at the Idaho Correctional Facility was brutally beaten, and did nothing to intervene. They just waited for some special response team to show up. Nice.

UPDATE: A more extensive analysis of the assault was just released (click here). Though not much new information has been revealed, except for the fact that the assault was taking place for so long Mr. Elabed's attacker stopped to get a drink of water, then resumed beating him, what really struck me from this update was CCA's defense. Among other things, they're trying to claim that Mr. Elabed was partially responsible for his injuries (clearly; I mean when a white supremacist attacks a muslim prisoner minutes after he was removed from protective custody, it's the victim's fault he got so injured. He should have moved his face away from that angry white supremacist's foot), that Mr. Elabed put himself at risk (I suppose by nature of being Pakistani, which is obviously a choice he made), and that they weren't "callously indifferent" to the situation (so I guess watching someone get beaten nearly to death in a prolonged assault while standing idly by and doing nothing doesn't amount to callous indifference).

If I wasn't trying to keep this mostly G-rated, I'd have a couple of four-letter words for you jerks in the CCA legal department. But since I am, suffice it to say that I really, really, hate you CCA. Really.

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