Monday, July 12, 2010

What the Hell Are We Paying For?

In a recent report of the top earners in southern Florida, it was revealed that 3 of the GEO Group's top executives were among the highest-paid people in the state. Between President George Zoley, VP Wayne Calabrese, and John O'Rourke, GEO's brass earned nearly $13 million in just the last year. Zoley made more than $7 million himself. Unfortunately, it turns out that crime does pay, at least when you're on the incarceration-for-profit side. But what really bothers me is that private prisons always want to talk about how they save money, how they're a good investment for taxpayers. That's just ludicrous; how can it be a good investment for taxpayers to just hand $13 million to three men (who don't need it anyway) to commit abhorrent moral abuses, while countless millions of our own citizens can't find work, decent education, or adequate food?

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