Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shut Down the Gladiator School!

The ACLU is currently suing Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) for its operation of the Idaho Correctional Facility, a prison so plagued by violence among the inmates it is called "Gladiator School" by those who are unfortunate enough to find themselves there.  Stories abound of guards intentionally victimizing prisoners by putting them with known enemies, then refusing to protect them when they are assaulted.  The impetus for the lawsuit came after a man was beaten severely in front of guards, who did nothing to protect the man during an assault that lasted so long, the attacker had enough time to stop and rest before resuming the assault.  The poor victim had internal bleeding in his head and spent 3 days in a coma following the assault, and now suffers from brain damage that has severely limited his mental capacity

Today's link goes to a story that details some of the information that came out in affidavits filed in the case by guards who used to work at the facility.  The guards all admit the facility is dangerously understaffed and excessively violent.  "They say the staff lacked adequate training and equipment, was overworked and encouraged by administrators to disregard and undermine the safety of inmates and underreported the number of assaults between prisoners."  The descriptions of the conditions at the facility are horrific; I strongly encourage you all, especially anyone not particularly familiar with private prisons and the abuse that is fostered in these types of facilities, to read the article.

But possibly more shocking is the video of the above-mentioned assault, which was just released to the public.  Of course, CCA is not so much concerned with the content of the video (meaning the failure of their employees to protect a prisoner under their watch), but the damage it could do to the company's reputation.

I really hate you CCA.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: The FBI has launched an investigation into conditions at the facility.

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  1. aiis a former inmate at the same institution an also injured because inmate was on meth provide by gaurds i hope cca has too be made to attone fp their wrong doings and i think all the politicans who are involed should be locked in there