Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lawsuits Galore

CCA has become a frequent target of litigation in the past few weeks. In addition to the two lawsuits I wrote about previously (here and here), a few others have been filed against or settled recently by the company.

The title link goes to a suit that was just filed on behalf of a Cuban immigrant, who was in the US legally but was unlawfully detained by CCA for over a year beyond his release date while they questioned his immigration status (which, mind you, they don't actually have any authority to do). Alberto Gonzalez Raza, a prominent and beloved local businessman, suffered two heart attacks and a stroke while being incarcerated well beyond his release date, and lost his business while locked up. His medical treatment was so bad while he was in prison that he asked to be deported, even though he was in this country legally.

Also, a woman just reached a settlement with CCA after she was taken hostage by a prisoner that escaped from one of their facilities. The lawsuit alleged, probably rightfully so, that the guards were negligent in watching the prisoner while he was at a hospital for medical treatment, from which he escaped.

Finally, while it has not yet resulted in a lawsuit (though I hope and imagine it will), an 18 year old woman in a CCA facility recently lost her baby. The woman received "no prenatal care" while incarcerated, and lost her baby after being left alone in a cell for hours, crying out for medical attention


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  2. CCA attorneys have been known to harass the plantiff's by demanding paperwork that has nothing to do with cases, by asking for education transcripts, medical records just to try and rattle planiff's. If you are suing for discrimination what purpose is paperwork like this for? To top it off some planiffs have sent the CCA attorney's the paperwork they demand but they claim they never received it! This is an old trick used to harass and wear down the planiff and their attorney's. THE BOOK THE TRUTH ABOUT PRIVATE PRISONS WILL BE OUT IN SEVERAL MONTHS.

  3. Wow! Luckily, I haven't experienced to be imprisoned neither I was subjected under probation but to learned of how CCA and its attorneys behave makes me interested to know more about their system.

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