Monday, February 7, 2011

A Reminder of Why I Do This

Today marks the beginning of the trial of Mark Ciavarella, a judge in Luzerne County PA who faces 39 charges stemming from his receiving kickbacks from a private prison company to send juveniles to their facility, whether they deserved to be incarcerated or not. In a scheme that took place over years, Ciavarella sent thousands of juveniles into a private prison, receiving more than $2 million in kickbacks for doing so.

The article has a great and detailed history of the case, including Ciavarella's mind-blowing conviction that he "did nothing illegal," and that he therefore shouldn't be in trouble.

I hate you, Mark Ciavarella. You're a disgusting excuse for a human being and its is reprehensible that you had such authority to ruin the lives of so many children. I hope they throw the book at you and put your despicable ass in prison.

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