Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Story that Just Keeps Getting Worse

The builder of the two private juvenile centers Judge Ciavarella was sending kids to without justification in Luzerne County, PA just testified that he didn't think the money he paid to Ciavarella was a kickback or bribe. No, according to Mr. Mericle, it was a "finder's fee" for Ciavarella steering him to a developer that got the project off the ground.

I'm not going to put much faith in Mr. Mericle's testimony, however, considering he lied to federal investigators and then a grand jury about the payments and his relationship with Ciavarella. He has had a long history with Ciavarella, which apparently has included him giving the judge $5,000 in cash every Christmas. Yeah, I'm certain that the guy who lied to a federal grand jury and gives out $5,000 in cash every year to his "friend" is a reputable and trustworthy witness.

When can we just throw this scumbag behind bars?

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