Monday, March 21, 2011

Conflict of Interest? I'd Say So.

Matt Lundy, a state representative from Ohio who has provided a solid voice of reason and healthy doses of skepticism in the recent discussions regarding privatizing more of the state's prison system, is keeping up his good work. Recently, Mr. Lundy pointed out that the new director of the state DOC, Gary Mohr, could potentially face a conflict of interest in the selling process, considering he used to work for CCA.

Mr. Lundy has called for the Ohio legislature to set ground rules for conflicts of interest of this type and scale. Thankfully, Mr. Mohr has already recused himself from direct oversight of the proposed sale, though his official responsibilities toward it remain murky.

Of course, some other jerk politician (Carlo LoParo) in the legislature called Mr. Lundy's request for rules regarding conflicts of interest "playing politics." In fact, Mr. LoParo, this is pretty much the exact opposite. Mr. Lundy merely wants to ensure that Mr. Mohr is not abusing his political position due to his former association with a company that could become involved in a multiple-hundred million dollar transaction with the state. That's not "playing politics." It's called being a responsible and accountable elected official. You should look into that.

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