Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Favorable Treatment for the Industry

Short one here. Oklahoma has eliminated more than $5 million in funding from a program that helped prisoners learn farming and cooking skills, which obviously help in the transition back into society. They had to cut these funds in order to make up for shortfalls in "contract beds." What that means is that, instead of reducing payments to private prison operators or reducing the amount of prisoners sent to one of the state's 6 private facilities through a variety of mechanisms, the governor decided to cut a program that not only is a wise investment, long-term, for the state, but one that helps literally thousands of men prepare to return to society, AND saves money by having prisoners grow their own food.

Yet another short-sighted solution to a major problem caused by corporate greed. And a solution that really only amounts to continuing to hand taxpayer dollars to inefficient and unaccountable corporations, while screwing over individual citizens. Republicans hate Americans and just love corporations. I think I need to stop now before I have an aneurysm. See you all tomorrow.

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