Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Wrongful Death Suit

Douglas Poole, A 54-year-old man convicted of DUI was sentenced to the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Virginia, which contracts out its medical care to a private, for-profit provider, CMS (Correctional Medical Services). Upon arriving at the facility, Poole informed medical staff that he suffered from diabetes and hypertension, which the staff apparently ignored because he went 4 days without receiving any medications, then only got insulin for his diabetes but nothing to control his hypertension. He wound up getting dizzy, collapsing, and hitting his head on a table - when he was taken to the infirmary, medical staff told him he was "faking blindness." He ended up with a brain hemorrhage and died a few days later. Mr. Poole's family has filed a wrongful death suit against CMS, but this is hardly the first time they've had trouble providing medical services - the company was fined $900,000 in the past for failing to provide adequate care to prisoners. Maybe this will finally convince Virginia lawmakers that contracting out medical services is not a safe or viable option.

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  1. Unfortunately I was locked up 3 times & put in 1 of these Hell Holes in Nashville TN. Please don't say innocent people don't go to jail. It started off with weekends & then turned into 10days. I was supposed to be released on the 9th day for good behavior. ... I was denied my meds, all 6 of them! When you go through intake, you & whoever else is coming in are left from 7:30pm until 8 or 9am the next morning, with no-one around or listening. There was about 10 of us women in 1 larger cell & about 10 men in the other larger cell. Everything was open. 2 other women were put in a small cell 2gether, 1 which was drunk or drugged? After 30min of her arrival she went into seizures? She thru up in that tiny cell & then laid in it all night. We all screamed for help, no-one came until morning. I don't know if she died? / 1 of the women, just had a baby and her breast were leaking. I know this was her problem but, nobody should have to stay wet in what felt like 45-50% temp. My 1st weekend after intake of course, I was left in solitaire the whole time except for 15-30min for showering or calls? Now note that at 1 & 2am, most of the working world is asleep. The shower was on the opposite side from the cells & was completely open even, for the guards thru there 1-way glass. When I went to a cell block, the showers were somewhat hidden. After no meds, I was constantly going to bathroom, that's when I learned that I only got 1-roll for the week. And everyone wanted to steal it, to do their hair? I have a new respect for toilet paper now! The worst part of all of this was watching this a middle aged woman lay in a diabetic coma for 3 days! The guards didn't care! They kept telling us, it wasn't our business. ... wtf? There was like 1 guard for maybe 100 to 150 women. Everyday I asked for anti-diarhrea or infirmary & was continuously denied. Let me say that this was a horrific experience for me! If ever having to choose from jail or suicide? I am ready to meet my maker. Trust me, CCA doesn't care for anyone! And putting people in there is not helping! I never seen a book. No classes or church were available. No paper or pencils or crayons. There was limited Tv, it was small & not loud enough. So your choice if, you can make a friend is hair or hopefully someone will share their bible with you? Unless you want romance or to fight? This was over 15yrs ago & I accept that this taught me to be humble. But how can our State continue to let this place stay in business? The only thing that CCA has done other than profit is to relocate gangs into another area. I'm sure the crime rate is down in CA & NY! And Thank you for exposing them!