Friday, August 5, 2011

Fodder for the Conspiracy Theorists

Just a quick link here to an interesting column discussing Corplan Corrections and its leader, James Parkey.  Corplan has constructed numerous immigration detention centers and prisons across the country, working most often with CCA.  They have built a lost of facilities on municipal bonds, and have often left small towns to foot the bill for the construction after they fail to help secure a contract to bring in prisoners - the most famous case is that of Hardin, Montana, which I've written about extensively.

But this article discusses how Corplan has been building many detention centers around the country, though not in response to a particular need for beds.  The author argues, somewhat convincingly, that these beds are being constructed to give the government the ability to detain political dissidents in the case of a "national emergency."  Basically, the government is building prisons to be able to silence political dissent when shit hits the fan.

That's some creepy stuff.

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  1. Anonymous11 May, 2014

    Our country has built itself up with welfare mentallity. put as many citizens on welfare, get rid of american jobs, keep education below par to keep the public unaware of its governments corruption. Lock up anyone and everyone they can because of speciial intrest. After everyone or the majority of the country is on assitance the government bankrupts america and government is then handed over to a totaltarian and the american people become enslaved under his power as the prison state has already been placed in affect.