Monday, April 2, 2012

Battle in Florida Rages On

Just a quick update here on the ongoing battle in Southwest Ranches / Pembroke Pines, FL, where residents are working to opposed a planned ICE detention center.  As more and more residents voiced their opposition to the plan, Pembroke Pines' council announced it was cancelling a contract that would have provided utility services to the site, which they hoped would effectively kill the measure.  But the corporate behemoth that is CCA decided to sue the town to try to force it to provide utilities.  Not intimidated by CCA's lawsuit, the town has counter-sued the company, asking a judge to halt construction until a court can determine whether the town will be required to provide utilities.  Unfortunately, SWR's council is still pushing hard for the prison, believing the lies CCA has been pushing about the economic benefits of bringing a prison to town, along with CCA and ICE.  So it looks like this battle is far from over.

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  1. The elected council of SWR wants to be brain washed because of their mismanagement of the town budget. So they believe that CCA and ICE will be their SAVIOR, even though we can prove there will be devastation to the community. They manipulate and twist statements to suit themselves and spread lies. The Commissioners of Pembroke Pines had the GUTS, ETHICS, and PROFESSIONALISM to terminate the contract with SWR only after they realized that continuing this partnership would bring devastation to the community they were elected to serve. Too bad we have WARDEN MAYOR in SWR, who also is employed in a local school as an ADMINISTRATOR!!!!!!