Friday, April 20, 2012

G4s Sucks

Don't take it from me.  A spate of recent articles basically sums up how G4S, the world's largest private security firm, might be the worst of the private prison companies in the world.  They don't operate any facilities in the US that I'm aware of, which is a good thing.  Take a look for yourself:

John Grayson, Mobilising Outrage: Campaigning With Asylum Seekers Against Security Industry Giant G4S,

Clare Sambrook, Who Should Investigate Murder - The Police, or a Private Security Company?,

Clare Sambrook, Corporate Power Stamps its Brand on British Policing,


  1. GS4 is, essentially, the step-brother of GEO Group. Both were offspring of Wackenhut Corp., based in Boca Raton, FL. Wackenhut formally morphed into GS4, while GEO group took over Wackenhut's US facilities, and created a separate corporate identity. Oh, and GEO is still based in Boca, and runs at least one facility under the Wackenhut name. However, it is GS4 that shares the corporate DNA of Wackenhut.

    1. yeah that entire corporate family is messed up. Wackenhut provides private security forces in a lot of cities, including working as transit police in places like Miami, where they always seem to perform very poorly. The whole corporate family tree was started by a former FBI agent who used to keep secret dossiers on US citizens he thought were communist sympathizers. If that gives you any insight into the assholes that run these companies...

  2. This company sucks. Hot mess like all of them. But g4 is horrid. Will throw anyone under the bus for a penny. Any company who hires this group is dumb and dumber. But corporate America is the same. Hire in house. Yeah will cost you more but will save u a ton in headaches and crap employees. If you really care about your companies security hire in house.. then you wont find bodies in a suitcase. See Johnson controls. maybe yours. Why companies try to save money hiring crap for profit security companies boggles my mind. This is your companies employees security.. this is your security. Do you think they give a crap beyond the money you give them. Do you really think the people they hire give a crap about you for 9 bucks an hour. God the last place a company should scrap is security of people who work for you.. I don't get why any big company who settle for the crap a private security company brings you. They will bring you crap and then cover there crap t keep there contract. I cant wait to get out of this slimmy industry. In the mean time if you work in a place that haves private contract security.. get a gun and get a concealed carry permit and use it. Do not rely on private security to keep you safe. They wont keep you safe. What would you do for 9 bucks an hour. This is a slime bucket industry that will sell anyones soul to get your contract. then they will take gobs of money from you and hire anyone that can get a private security license . Why would any big company sell there soul to this scumbag industry. But they do. including dumbass counties who give them contracts.. like sheriffs departments in Milwaukee. Like huge companies that don't research this crap industry before putting your safety in their hands. Your safety. yeah even you corporate guys with your head up your ass thinking nothing will ever.. uhh happen to me. Oh I am so far removed from the real world.. nothing will ever happen to me.. to me. I, m special. Why in heavens name do these big companies hire these dysfunctional private security firms putting your safety in harms way. Why, TO save money. What is your life worth at corporate America. A guy making 9 bucks that give two shits about you. that's private security companies in a nutshell.Do You feel Safe? OH but look at all the money Im saving.But you just got robbed in the parking lot cause dumb ass security guard was checking a door. Or private security was dumb as a box of rocks.Thats what they hire and get for 9 bucks. That's what your company gets.. do you feel safe.. I don't.

  3. Yeah privite security gives 2 Sh##s about you and your safety. G4s AHH. My husband called them Wacyournuts. They give as much a crap about your security as they care about your hemorrhoids. Yeah your saving money.. but are you really getting any security, yeah they will pull your doors but if the sh##t hits the fan for the pay they will be the first to throw you under the bus and run. The contract is everything and the money.. the last thing they think about is your security or safety. What Are you paying for.. nothing in security of your employees. Yeah slime industry that treats employees like crap and give them poor pay and benefits but managers drive their bmws out of the lot. Yeah most of the people I work with are dumber than a box of rocks.. and Im getting out. Dont think for a minute that mama june is gonna have your back if the crap hits the fan. You are paying for that instead of real security people. Yeah but you saved a ton right? For What? Mama June and Honey BooBoo.