Thursday, April 26, 2012

Congresswoman Under Fire

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida), chairwoman of the DNC, has heartily imbibed the "economic stimulus" Kool-Aid, and has publicly supported CCA and ICE's plans to build an immigration detention center in Southwest Ranches, Florida.  Her constituents have been pretty strongly opposed to the project from the get-go, and the debate has devolved into a legal battle between the next town over, Pembroke Pines, and CCA.

But Debbie, along with another Representative from Florida, just keeps ignoring the folks she's supposed to represent.  Recently, she was petitioned by the Florida Immigrant Coalition and a smattering of other advocacy groups with a video demonstrating the local opposition.  A spokesperson for her office basically told them she wasn't re-considering her endorsement.


  1. Debbie W. Schultz just does not give a crap about what her constituents want. Campaign money means more to her then votes. She is cutting off her nose to spite her face. And this November we will be doing it to her, we will be chopping her nose off for her.

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