Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Major Blow To Private Immigration Detention

Following fresh on the heels of the announcement that the citizens of Crete, IL had successfully defeated a proposal from ICE and CCA to build a private prison there, Southwest Ranches and Pembroke Pines, FL residents got their own bit of great news: CCA isn't going to build there either!  After the mayor demanded an answer following months of back-and-forth, the company and ICE announced it was no longer pursuing the site.  This is a huge victory for all residents of the area, especially those who fought so hard to keep their neighborhood from becoming another victim of the prison industrial complex.  Congratulations to everyone involved!


  1. Anonymous26 June, 2012

    You're the reason we've been able to pursue the fight with facts. Keep up the good work. We've hit them hard and heavy quoting information you make available every day. We also back up our statements with copies of the material to authenticate what we discuss and we cannot be misquoted. In SWR we've been accused of "DEMONIZING" CCA!!!! How great is that???

    1. That's SO AWESOME! Congratulations! I aspire to demonize CCA (and the rest of the industry) every single day. That's quite an accomplishment.

      To be honest, stories like this are what keep me going here. The industry has steadily expanded throughout the years as many people couldn't care less about it one way or the other. Seeing people band together to fight against the industry gives me all the motivation I need to continue to challenge it.