Friday, June 29, 2012

CCA Doesn't Want to Pay Taxes

Every once in a while a story comes along that really re-ignites my burning hatred of the private prison industry.  Like this one, describing how CCA is battling the town of Appleton, MN over the value of its prison.  The lower the prison's assessed value, the less CCA will have to pay in taxes on it.  The prison has been closed since 2010, which has cost the city jobs and part of its tax base; at that time, it was valued at $42.9 million.  After appealing that valuation, as CCA has done every single time it's been audited, the facility is now valued at only $14 million, but even that's not low enough for CCA; they want the value to be knocked down to about $10 million, which would even further reduce the taxes it pays to the city.  Meanwhile, over all the times CCA has appealed the valuation, it has already cost the county $2 million directly in legal fees, not to mention the lost tax revenue as they continuously try to undervalue their property.  But here's the real kicker; the most recent reduction in value, still being appealed by CCA who wants it to go even lower, would already raise taxes for the average resident by 20%.

Fuck you, CCA.  Fuck your insensitive, greedy manipulation of the tax code and legal system to maximize the already obscene profits you earn by incarcerating people (quite poorly, I might add).  Fuck you for exploiting towns like Appleton, who rely on your company for valuable revenue.  It's not enough that you dramatically overcharge governments to house prisoners, in facilities constantly face allegations of abuse and neglect; now you've just got to stick it to these poor folks as well?

Fuck you.

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  1. Mike you are so correct, CCA manipulates the tax codes knowing full well the town of Appleton is economically dying!I worked out there when PCF was born before CCA took over the prison. In 1992 Appleton was feeling the economic depression, and needed a shot in the arm. When we started working there the pay was 5.75 an hour! When CCA took over in 1997 they lied to us, disbanded our union by labeling us security guards and took our sick time earned instead of paying us out! CCA was suppose to be a savior when it appeared that PCF may close. For the next decade employees that remained had jobs unitl the recession of 2007 put strains on many state operated prisons, and finally in 2009, the MNDOC started to pull their inmates out and in 2010 PFC/CCA CLOSED! 2YRs later there are at least 100 or more homes boarded up, and taken over by the state for back taxes. Many employees gave up and left for other jobs or returned to school. The businesses in Appleton have suffered as well and some closed! The town is mainly fit for retirement about the only people left who can afford to live there. All of CCA contract leads have dried up and MN state Correctional unions do not want private prisons in Minnesota or any other Midwest state. I encourage people all the time that CCA lowers the standards for pay and benefits,in Corrections for merely profit! People should always be aware that this is a dangerous profession, and any day could see an employee injured or worst. We are not managing altar boys, these are anti-social inmates some who are sociopaths that are living in a place with insane rules that seem very sane to them, then there is us standing between them and the walls! I feel sorry for Appleton, the prison has no shame, and they are the ones who once said PCF will never close! I wouldn't mind seeing CCA and other private prisons close they operate the prison system like some fast food burger joint! If you need more info contact my email.. JoeR