Friday, June 1, 2012

Riots Causing Concern

The recent riots (or "disturbances," in industry parlance) at CCA prisons in Georgia and Mississippi have raised the concern of advocates in other states looking to privatize prisons.  The teamsters union down in Florida is urging state lawmakers to consider CCA's poor management of the facilities when it inevitably takes up the now annually-recurring massive privatization effort.  Information about the cause of the riot has been slow to trickle out of the facility in Mississippi, but it looks at least preliminarily like my intuition was correct.  Prisoners claim they routinely suffer abuse at the hands of guards, and that the medical care, food, and programming at the facility, which houses immigrants in the US illegally, were woefully insufficient. Even the Nashville Business Journal picked up on the story, albeit it to discuss how CCA can save face.


  1. Anonymous01 June, 2012

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  2. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    I can't speak for all of CCA because I'm not familiar with all facilities, but this one is horrible! The employees are rude (not all, but the majority) and not knowledgeable and anytime you call them and ask them a question they have the worst attitudes. They treat visitors like dirt, so one only could imagine how they treat prisoners. One employee even made me cry and threatened to make it so I can't visit anymore. Why? Because I arrived (after taking a 2 different flights mind you) to the facility a little over an hour before visitation ended. There was still plenty of time for me to visit, but he refused. When I questioned why I was not allowed to see him with over an hour left of visitation, he threatened me, saying I was "disrespecting his facility" and that if I don't stop "causing a 'commotion' [he] can make it so [I] don't ever see him(I was only crying and I asked for their visitation policy, not being loud or disrespectful in any way). I am so disgusted by the idea of these for profit prisons. They cut cost like crazy, but at who's expense? Clearly the money is not being spent on training and customer service of any sort. This riot was a really unfortunate event, especially with the loss of a very young life, but people don't "riot" over nothing. Clearly there is something going on.

    1. Anonymous07 June, 2012

      I forgot to mention that some of these inmates have not had a counselor in months. I don't think this is normal at all!

  3. Anonymous20 June, 2012

    When I read that up to 25 officers had been taken hostage I knew ALL working that day except for those in the outlaying offices outside the gates and those in central control had been taken. Regular C.O. headcount in the mornings is about 28 in total and sometimes less. There are 2-3 officers for 360 inmates. Women and men officers are alone in a unit with 120 inmates with no back up in the dorm. Each unit has 3 dorms with 1 officer ideally per dorm. There is no one watching that 1 at any given time. Scary business. Often only women officers with all male inmates with no male officer in sight. The Sgt., Lt., Captains drift around for 1 to 5 minutes to check up per day. They do not have prior correctional experience. People with prior experience are forced out by the warden. Keeping "yes" men around is his primary goal to feed his ego.

    This young man's death was too soon and the fault of the Warden. When something this big happens they had to know about it prior. It was not just a quick unplanned event.

    In the news media there is not much talk about all the other officers who were nearly beaten to death and who have not returned to work.

    I do not however believe any of the inmates have ever been harmed in any way other then over crowding which is horrific. And it is also not uncommon. Having men live in a bunk in a room of so many bunks with no privacy what so ever is not humane. There are few things for them to do to stay out of trouble and spend their time. Although each inmate is to be enrolled in a program or have a job this is not the case. Many have no job. Or their job takes 5 minutes per day. There is no meaningful work.

    In programs the inmates do things like build hunting stands for the wardens personal use.

    The BOP is on the premises and to save a dollar they approve of the practices of the prison.

  4. I think they need to shut down all of the cca prisons and just have a real state prison take over.

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