Friday, October 7, 2011

CCA Guard Charged With Selling Drugs

A female guard at a CCA prison in Tennessee has been charged with smuggling nearly 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana into the facility, in order to sell it to prisoners.  This is what happens when you underpay and under-train your staff for the sake of profit.

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  1. CCA pays officers based on the businesses in the area of where they construct their prisons. The low pay causes turn-over and unsafe conditions. Some of my former co-workers sold their soul to CCA then got burned in Idaho, the gladiator school it was nicknamed. He became a warden who lost his second prison after CCA went under in MN and closed their doors. He made warden and was put in charge. Of course I'm sure they were altering the employee rosters to make it appear the prison was adequately staffed. I found a copy one time and told my supervisor these people were not on the floor what kind of BS is this. He said pretend you never seen that. I said its all fine and dandy until one of gets assaulted or killed! In Idaho they were caught and paid 1M to settle the lawsuit. Now imagine how many prisons they were doing this then submitting them to the DOC? CCA's mission statement, fill all beds no matter how, and cut costs starting with officers Pay....All CCA's money goes to the top administrative white shirts which is why there is turn-over, that leads to fraud, and mismanagement.