Friday, October 7, 2011

More Coverage on Florida's Mess

An editorial from the Tampa Bay Times on how the decision is a message to Governor Scott's administration that they're "not above the law."

An article by Bill Cotterell discussing how the privatization plan was pushed by Diana Arduin, former aide to Governor Scott and a consultant hired by the state Senate to look at budget items.  Arduin has long been a proponent of private prisons (including having worked as a trustee of GEO Group's real estate firm), so it's kind of odd that the Senate would look to someone who promotes an industry that has repeatedly proven itself to be costly and inefficient to look at its budget.  But hey, that's Florida for ya.

And last but not least, an excellent article from the Florida Independent about the political influence that was, and still is, wielded by private prison corporations due to their lavish campaign and lobby spending.

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