Monday, May 16, 2011

Interesting Logic

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in a case in which a prisoner at a GEO Group facility had both his elbows broken, and was then forced into shackles, and denied medical attention and assistance for days. He wants to sue the officers who subjected him to this torturous abuse.

The GEO guards have used some interesting logic in their defense. They claim "that prisoner lawsuits over alleged constitutional violations are 'already inundating the federal courts.' The appeals court’s 'dramatic expansion of liability, combined with the increasing prevalence of private prison contractors, will only ensure that such litigation increases,' the employees argued.

So basically what they're saying is, there are a ton of lawsuits against private prison guards because of all the abuse they inflict upon prisoners, so you shouldn't allow prisoners to sue because it's taking too much court resources to process these claims. Maybe you shouldn't FUCKING ABUSE PEOPLE SO BADLY IT VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION. How about that?

We have a judicial system for this very type of occurence. We have a judicial system that allows for people who have been abused or wronged to find some redress for their suffering; in fact, that's its primary purpose. To claim that giving people justice is too burdensome is blasphemous, inexcusable bullshit.


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