Thursday, May 19, 2011

Message to Florida's Governor

I'll keep it brief here with just an excerpt from a message the Florida Police Benevolent Association (the CO union in Florida) has asked state legislators to send to Governor Scott in response to his proposal to privatize much of the state prison system:

"Please veto the budget because it allows the additional privatization of state corrections institutions. This will not save the taxpayers of Florida a dime and it will risk public safety. If you allow this, you are hurting public safety while sending a very bad message — big corporate dollars and influence are more important than the government protecting the public or spending taxpayers' money wisely.
"Further, leave payouts to state correctional officers will cost the state approximately $32 million, thus erasing the supposed $11 million savings expected this year from privatization. Therefore, it will cost the taxpayers $21 million this year so big corporations doing business with the state can make a profit."

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