Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Profitization, not Privatization"

Don't just take it from me - those are the words used by an Ohio state representative, Matt Lundy, to describe Governor Kasich's plan to sell off several state prisons to private operators to generate a one-time cash influx of possibly $200 million. Lundy also called the idea "insane."

John MacDonald, a police officer, went even further; he calls the plan a "swindle of taxpayers." Of course this is all being done under the guise of saving money but it's really just another example of Republicans looking to privatize government services to benefit their friends and donors. The DOC spokesman claims that the 5% cost-savings promised by the industry are "indisputable," a claim that certainly is not.

Thankfully, though, the state is on the verge of passing some reforms to their criminal sanctions which will allow prisoners to leave prison earlier and divert low-level nonviolent offenders from incarceration. So not all is lost.

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