Monday, May 16, 2011

Privatization. Ugh.

South Carolina's new governor, Nikki Haley, is a teaparty darling and rising GOP star. So of course she loves privatization. She is looking to privatize mental health care services for up to 300 individuals in her state. Surprisingly, this came after GEO donated thousands of dollars to the Republicans Governors' Association, which helped get Ms. Haley elected. Ms. Haley also wants to privatize school buses, work force centers, and educational television, for Christ's sake.

However, GEO has a reputation that's spotty at best when it comes to the "care" they provide. South Carolina could take a cue from its neighbor to the north, which has had private mental healthcare for a decade. “What we’ve learned is that, frankly, it doesn’t work for this population,” a mental health advocate said. “Their whole thing is they have to keep the beds full in order to make money.”

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