Monday, April 19, 2010

Quit Your Whining!

CCA has asked the US District Court for the District of Idaho to dismiss the ACLU's lawsuit against them, claiming that it is unduly prejudicial and that they shouldn't have piggybacked it on an individual prisoner's lawsuit.  Nevermind the fact that the original plaintiff wanted the ACLU to file a joint class-action suit.  CCA feels that Mr. Rigg's lawsuit will unfairly bias the jury against them.  Well, CCA, maybe you should have run the Idaho Correctional Facility to a higher standard, so that it wouldn't be called "gladiator school" because of the absurd levels of violence that took place in the facility.  Maybe you shouldn't have intentionally denied prisoners medical care after subjecting them to assaults in order to hide the extent of their injuries.  Had you operated this prison in a professional and humane manner, maybe you wouldn't be sued for the sum total of your profits from last year.

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