Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is terrible.  Sheriff Richard Nugent has now withdrawn his proposal to take over the Hernando County Jail, after his office and CCA traded assertions they could each do it cheaper over the past few months.  He isn't backing out because he was necessarily proved wrong, however; he backed out because the jail is deteriorating so rapidly, and in such poor condition, that it would take too much money to get it back in operational shape.  That's what happens when you cut corners for 22 years (how long CCA has run the jail).  There are "roof leaks all over the facility" and "doors and hinges that have rusted so badly that you can no longer open them."  What a shame for the poor prisoners who have to stay there, as CCA has not made any attempt to improve the facility (in fact, they're cutting costs at it left and right, as I previously reported).  I Hate You, CCA, for failing to maintain an adequate facility for the prisoners of Hernando County, Florida.

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