Friday, April 30, 2010

Surprise! CCA Doesn't Want Competitive Bidding Process

Apparently, CCA has never engaged in a competitive bidding process in Hernando County, Florida, even though they've operated the jail there for ove 2 decades.  Now they're upset that County Administrator David Hamilton has called for just such a process to find an operator for the jail, since CCA let so many maintenance problems go unchecked it now needs a few million dollars worth of repairs.  Yes CCA, I'm sure you don't want anyone to come in and possibly underbid you for the embarassingly poor work you've done so far, so that you can continue to reap profits by ignoring major issues, all at the expense of Hernando County taxpayers.  I hate you.


  1. Excellent blog. Great to see someone is exposing these associations for what they really are.

    I've taken the liberty to link back to your blog from Crooked America. Also, I wouldn't mind using your blog as a reference if you have no objections.

    I could find no other way than comments to contact you, but feel free to get in touch with me at

  2. Hey Wizzik -

    Thanks! Please go ahead and link to my blog, and feel free to use what's on there as a reference whenever you see fit. If anything needs clarification or explanation, or if you want more in-depth material on what I write about (I usually only post a small portion of what I actually read), just let me know either in the comments (which I review pretty regularly) or by email at Thanks!

    Mike Tartaglia