Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Utterly Reprehensible

Who can blame Sheriff Nugent for changing his mind on taking over operations of the Hernando County Jail from CCA?  The facility is riddled with problems, because it has not been properly maintained over the years, and is in need of millions of dollars in repair work.  And whose fault is that?  No one, apparently.  The county owns the facility, so CCA has skirted responsibility, even though they're required to provide minor maintenance (and report major problems, which they have largely failed to do).  And the county purchasing director says it's not his fault because he wasn't notified of the problems (even though it's his job to oversee the facility and contract compliance).  And of course, CCA has CUT COSTS at the Hernando County Jail for the upcoming year.  On behalf of humans with a conscience, I apologize to the inmates of the Hernando County Jail for having to suffer at the hands of these greedy corporate pigs who can't even provide basic maintenance for their facilities.

You get what you pay for, Hernando County.

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