Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CCA Ignores Problems Until a Crisis Develops

Apologies for being so late on getting to this, but I wanted to put in a quick link here to a story about a riot that took place in Colorado about 7 years ago at a CCA prison in Crowley.  After an extensive investigation, it's been revealed that CCA failed to adequately train it staff and failed to prepare for emergency situations such as riots.  They also neglected many warning signs that the facility was nearing a crisis point, failing repeatedly to prevent the brewing unrest. Following continuous abuse at the hands of the undertrained staff, some prisoners began to riot while others tried to stay in their cells to avoid getting in trouble.  After the riot had been raging for hours, a special forces unit was called in to put it down.  Many prisoners reported they then received harsher treatment from staff following the incident than anything they had experienced during the riot.


  1. CCA-Eden Detention Center in Eden,TX has tremendous turnover of corrections officers due to low maorale directly related to uneducated and poor people skills of supervisory staff, i.e. captains and leutenants. But ultimately the problem is a result of the warden's inability to know what is going on within the facility.

    1. the problem of turnover at private prisons isn't limited to Eden; the entire industry has an incredibly high turnover rate, due in large part to poor pay and benefits, little training, and short-staffing of facilities, which makes their jobs more dangerous than their government counterparts. i think you bring up a good point about security though; with such high turnover and poorly-trained guards (for the most part), administrators have a much tougher time maintaining security.

    2. CCA has allowed and is allowing men who have taken plea deals on Class A domestic violence to continue to work there.Specifically Eden's CCA. One man in particular has been abusive to his wife since he began there 3 yrs. ago. He'd get cursed at by inmates and chewed out by his peers, come home and take it out on the wife. He has body slammed her, breaking her back and she had surgery to prove the trauma, broke her nose and finally placed her in a choke hold of which she escaped and had him arrested. He denied the charges, she had him sent to a mental facility for 10 days, his employer knew this. He was under a PO for 3 months and took a plea deal. He is still working there. So, Eden's CCA has criminals, watching criminals. Crazy..

    3. The Federal Bureau of Prisons had to approve his continued employment.