Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CCA Ignores Problems Until a Crisis Develops

Apologies for being so late on getting to this, but I wanted to put in a quick link here to a story about a riot that took place in Colorado about 7 years ago at a CCA prison in Crowley.  After an extensive investigation, it's been revealed that CCA failed to adequately train it staff and failed to prepare for emergency situations such as riots.  They also neglected many warning signs that the facility was nearing a crisis point, failing repeatedly to prevent the brewing unrest. Following continuous abuse at the hands of the undertrained staff, some prisoners began to riot while others tried to stay in their cells to avoid getting in trouble.  After the riot had been raging for hours, a special forces unit was called in to put it down.  Many prisoners reported they then received harsher treatment from staff following the incident than anything they had experienced during the riot.


  1. CCA-Eden Detention Center in Eden,TX has tremendous turnover of corrections officers due to low maorale directly related to uneducated and poor people skills of supervisory staff, i.e. captains and leutenants. But ultimately the problem is a result of the warden's inability to know what is going on within the facility.

    1. the problem of turnover at private prisons isn't limited to Eden; the entire industry has an incredibly high turnover rate, due in large part to poor pay and benefits, little training, and short-staffing of facilities, which makes their jobs more dangerous than their government counterparts. i think you bring up a good point about security though; with such high turnover and poorly-trained guards (for the most part), administrators have a much tougher time maintaining security.

    2. CCA has allowed and is allowing men who have taken plea deals on Class A domestic violence to continue to work there.Specifically Eden's CCA. One man in particular has been abusive to his wife since he began there 3 yrs. ago. He'd get cursed at by inmates and chewed out by his peers, come home and take it out on the wife. He has body slammed her, breaking her back and she had surgery to prove the trauma, broke her nose and finally placed her in a choke hold of which she escaped and had him arrested. He denied the charges, she had him sent to a mental facility for 10 days, his employer knew this. He was under a PO for 3 months and took a plea deal. He is still working there. So, Eden's CCA has criminals, watching criminals. Crazy..

    3. The Federal Bureau of Prisons had to approve his continued employment.

    4. As a previous employee of CCA Eden, Tx, I completely agree with these points. There was no riot training of any substance (we watched a frickin video of a riot and became "trained"), and the lack of authority from the captains and lieutenants was almost laughable. If you were friends with them, you could basically choose where you worked and with who. I worked the night shift there for a year and a half. The amount of officers who slept on the job was staggering. The bias and favoring of staff was so obvious it made me cringe (just in case people get the impression I am making that point because I was not favored, just let me say I was actually one of the staff's favorite employees because I am female. Seriously, the staff were worse than the inmates). I witnessed captains and officers alike verbally abusing the inmates. The turnover rate was extremely high, and sounds like it still is. Every three months 80% of the officers left and were replaced. I applied and worked there for the money and benefits, but after leaving, you couldn't pay me enough to go back. When I look back, they had no business hiring the kind of people they did/do. I was 18, female, fresh out of high school, who's only job experience was WalMart. I had no business working there! I didn't have world knowledge and was still very naive. I was the only female of that age hired, but most of all new hires were around the same age with the same kind of young stupidity I had. I am so grateful that nothing more than being flashed many, many, times happened to me there. The staff was not trained to handle any situation other than a normal one, and I am 100% certain that if the inmates had decided to do something to me on one of the many nights I was placed in an open dorm with almost 400 inmates by myself, they certainly could have. Man, I started typing to say something short and sweet, and ended up ranting. I guess the more I think about the angrier I get.

    5. Wow, Your at fault as everyone else. If someone was sleeping, did you report it. If an inmate did something wrong did you write a disciplinary report. I don't know how you worked a dorm of 400 inmate when the largest dorm holds 296. You took a job at a prison, the key work is PRISON, they have made mistakes but they are also no angels. Your at fault for not helping the problem that you claim.

  2. Eden Detention Center has MANY PROBLEMS starting from the Warden all the way down to the food service staff . The Captains and Lieutenants in charge have No Business being placed in those positions. The Warden is too busy going on vacations to really know what is going on with her staff. The head of HR is very inconsiderate....she has covered her husbands misconduct for years, he is the supervisor over maintenance . Eden has a fast turnover because of the misconduct of its Administration , shortage of staff, promotion of staff that is so young and inexperienced and very Lazy and most are Relatives . The Administration is Very Corrupt. They move people around from facility to facility that have committed worse crimes than most inmates. The officers that they have hired are right out of high school and live in Eden and are relatives of supervisors and the Administration. The Administration treat the officers worse than the inmates . The Administration belittles the officers and talk down to them unless you are a relative or in their Click. Eden has a female Lieutenant that was removed from another CCA facility because of a Sex triangle with other staff. It is really sad that there are criminals in the Administration at Eden. The BOP just turns the other way. The Administration will lock up an inmate for months for No Reason at all. They never give them a reason. I would Never advise anyone to work at Eden , Texas.

  3. Eden has many deep rooted problems. The worst of which is the newest warden. She is refereed to as a closer ( of facilities ). The AW of security can be read about on Google for the Idaho fight club along with others employed there.
    Chief of unit management is the next in the line of selfish idiots. All of the aforementioned persons have a tainted past, yet are held with high regard by Keith hall the regional director..
    These people are allowed to break policy without any circumstances and view staff as slaves that have Zero value And are required to work at a moments notice. This is due always to the staff shortage produced by administration staff.
    Ie; have others write up staff because they would not shake their hand then called it s standards of conduct issue. Allowing people to be promoted to departments they know nothing about , which is most of them.allowing people with criminal records to remain employed, abuse staff without any recourse, talk down to staff like they are an inmate.
    Administration regularly treats themselves to lunch at a local cafe on the company tab.
    They fail to follow state law and re register their car from another state.
    They manifacture paper work to Pass audits. They allow supervisors to remain as such even knowing about sex triangles,
    Just s drop in the bucket for eden , ask anyone that works there for over 5 yrs

  4. I think everyone on here crying about how bad it is to work here Blah! Blah! Blah!.Suck it up your working at a prison. These issues that you cry about are in every business out there and everyone has to deal with something similar in any major business. I am glad that everyone of you CRYING on here are former employees. Corrections isn't for everyone and some staff should be in here along with the inmates, but we live in an imperfect world and things just don't always run smooth. Eden Detention Center pays my bills and allows me and my family to live comfortably. If you can not stay out of the politics and allow it to alter your outlook on the job then you are weak minded and have no business here to begin with. You have no business saying anyting only being here a year or a year and a half. So go back to Walmart or whatever shit hole job you came from or man up and put your name on this thread. Yes I have posted anonymously , but that is because I still work here and enjoy working here and will remain anonymous.