Monday, January 9, 2012

GEO/Cornell Sues to Get More Beds

Many private prisons start off as relatively small facilities, with bed counts varying depending on the custody level(s).  They then grow from there; the industry tends to basically plant a seed with a community by starting with a moderately-sized facility, then expanding that facility to bring more and more beds online (because they need to continuously grow their population to continue to generate profits (because they can't actually turn a profit on the prisoners they house)).  Many communities then wind up with prisons much larger and much more unwieldy than they had originally anticipated.  In California, such a situation is playing out in the context of a GEO-operated halfway house.  The local council rejected GEO's request to expand the facility's capacity, because the community had not intended to have a facility larger than its current one.  So the GEO Group, upstanding corporate citizen that it is, is suing the town to force it to allow them to build more beds.

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  1. "Land of the Free"??? Land of the Incarcerated, Home of the Enslaved.