Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MTC Finally Forced to Remit Payment

Just a quick update here on a story I covered a while ago.  MTC, which runs the private prison in Arizona from which 3 men escaped in 2010 among other facilities, has been fighting over back-pay due to its employees.  For years, it had been paying guards at a Texas Immigration Detention Center $8-9 per hour, while they were supposed to be paying them nearly $15 per hour.

After a lengthy battle, the US Dept. of Labor has forced MTC to pay up.  To the tune of $21 million.  If you were curious as to how private prisons can generate a profit, look no further than this example.  Staffing is the most expensive part of any prison's budget, and MTC is not the only company that shortchanges its staff to boost profits for its executives.  Private prison or otherwise.

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