Friday, January 20, 2012

Secrecy in Illinois

Quick link here to a brief editorial from the Southtown Star in Illinois, questioning a planned immigration detention center and the lack of publicly-available information about it.  Apparently, ICE and CCA have already worked out a tentative approval of the 750-bed facility's construction, but there has been no public hearing about the matter.  In fact, the mayor of Crete, the town in which the prison would be built, only agreed to the hearing after a bunch of his constituents voiced concern over the lack of information.


  1. I'm from Crete and don't understand why the secrecy either. I have been told the Trustees and President of the Village of Crete told them it's not them, it's the Federal Government telling them to do it.
    I have a hard time believing that. Also I have tried to leave comments at this South Star article and none have been posted.
    This prison is not far from the quaint little town, near a Lutheran High School.
    There is a graveyard very near where lays a young girl allegedly murdered by illegal's.
    Where will their visitors stay, there are no hotels nearby. Restaurants are small town mom and pops. There are residential areas near by.
    Supposedly the Village leaders made a proposal with CCA back in 10/2010 and have just now allowed public comment.
    They usually take comments at the end of meeting but this time did it at beginning, only one person was present at that time and calmly asked questions. Then at end 150 people show up and the leaders all run and hide in another room.
    There isn't just a lack of information, IMHO there's been out right deception. What is going on. Who is behind these privatized prisons and can they just come in and set up shop without getting town approval?

  2. Mayor of Crete Mike Eihorn says Littlefied did a really stupid thing by floating a bond.

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