Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thinking of Tumbling...

This one goes out to my 2 regular readers (thanks mom!); now that Google is going to change its privacy policy and track everything people do, write, search for, or see online, I want to dissociate WhyIHateCCA from their service (Blogger).  I am looking for a new platform to host my outlandish views.  So I am seeking input from my audience as to whether I should move to Tumblr, WordPress, or some other client.  Let me know in comments, or shoot me an email if you have an opinion.  Thanks!

PS - this isn't only limited to the regulars.  I was being facetious.  Please give me some input.


  1. wordpress is pretty good, sad to see you go


    1. Hey Butch,

      I'm not going away, I'll just be moving everything to a different host. Thanks for the suggestion!